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Morgan Bryant is a singer-songwriter, determined to make a difference with her music. Growing up in the church helped set a musical foundation that she has followed throughout her life.  Starting at the age of 8, Morgan began classical piano training until the age of 16. She began writing poetry in middle school, and as she learned to play piano, she started writing her own music. Music is so personal for her that she had trouble sharing her own music until she pushed herself to play at an open mic in 2009. As her experience grew, she started playing live shows locally, and decided to move to Caliornia to pursue her dream, but something stood in her way; she was diagnosed in 2011 with a thyroid nodule the size of a small orange, and it greatly affected her ability to sing. Morgan knew that she had to have it removed, and was scared that she would never be able to sing again. But that fear only made her more determined to reach her goals. Following her surgery, she was able to`sing within a week, to the surprise of her doctors.

In 2012, Morgan moved to California in pursuit of her dreams.  When she learned that her mother had a brain tumor, she moved back to Florida in 2015, where she continues to play local shows with her bands Beach Vibes and the Tropicats, and co-leads music at her church. She also plays and sings for local events including singing the national anthem for the Pittsburgh Pirates spring training games. Morgan aspires to inspire and bring people out of a dark place with her music. Morgan can be reached at

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